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The VA Practice Consultant

Helping VA Attorneys and Claims Agents Expand & Grow their Practice

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Amanda L. Mineer, Esq.

Always available to assist, just a call away.

About Me

Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm a VA Practice Consultant and a systems and efficiency expert! I’ve been representing Veterans and their families before the Department of Veteran Affairs and Board of Veteran Appeals since 2012.

I have helped firms & claims agents launch new practices or grow from 6 to 7 figures in annual revenue. If you’re looking to add VA law to your practice areas or expand your current VA practice, I would be excited to work with you. I’m a teacher at heart and passionate about helping firms become much more efficient in their systems and processes, expanding the knowledge of VA law for all team members & helping to increase the profitability of the firm as a whole. I operate as a sounding board for many practitioners when they are looking for case strategies, determining if a case is worth taking or just someone to help them know they are not going crazy, the VA sometimes is just that ridiculous!

sKILLS & Services

Law, Consultation, Agreement, Contract, Attorney or Lawyer Holdi
  • Review of systems and processes for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Training of team members to expand knowledge of VA law, including those brand new to this area
  • Assist with determining best strategies to win cases
  • Help in reviewing potential clients cases to determine if it’s a good case to take
  • Implementing standard workflows & templates
  • Marketing strategies for growth
  • Implementing or expanding your social media, YouTube & podcasting strategies

Upcoming webinars

How You Can Add VA Disability as a New Practice Area to Grow your Firm

June 13, 2024 12pm Pacific

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(Early Bird Pricing Until 6/5/24)

Evaluating a Potential Client's Case. Should I take it?

July 11, 2024 11am Pacific

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(Early Bird Pricing Until 6/30/24)

Effective Representation in Military Sexual Trauma Cases

July 25, 2024 1pm Pacific

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(Early Bird Pricing Until 7/10/24)

Special Discount for VSOs


"Amanda for many years has been our go-to for practice pointers, case consults, and business collaboration. Her commitment to the veteran shines through in everything she does. We are happy to count Amanda as a trusted colleague, consultant, and friend in the industry.”

Aaron Drake - theveteransadvocate.com

My firm was looking to expand from its Social Security Disability practice and add on a VA practice. Amanda has been an invaluable resource in this process. She is extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter, quickly responds to questions, and has insightful tips on how to navigate a veteran’s claim through this process. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to jump-start their fledgling VA practice.”

Aleksander Dernalowicz, Esq

National Advocates for Veterans Disability Assistance, LLC (NAVDA)

I’ve been a lawyer for approximate 12 years. I worked in the Social Security Disability space for most of my professional career. I decided to expand into Veteran’s Disability law in the past few years. I had taken a few CLE courses on this area of law and did quite a bit of independent research into the space. It was fairly slow going at first but, after our first meeting with Amanda, most of the issues we thought we were having were clarified and we were able to speed up our sign up process. Since that time, Amanda has been available to us for case reviews, strategy discussions and just general sanity checks. If you’re looking for help in getting a VA disability practice going, I highly recommend working with Amanda.”

Mathew Coveney, Esq

National Advocates for Veterans Disability Assistance, LLC (NAVDA)

Ready to grow your va practice?

Located in Southern CA but works Nationwide